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We work in partnership with the EET church, and there is also a need for encouraging the the Christian peoples from the South of the country to be involved in reaching their neighbours. Applicants will be expected to acquire a good level of Chadian Arabic which they will learn in Chad.

They will be part of the WEC team in N'Djamena and will be expected to play a full role in the life of that team.

2. Adopt a Nursing Home

Serving short term. Church planters - urban outreach Personal evangelism, discipleship, cassette and literature evangelism Description N'Djamena provides multiple opportunities for urban mission. Qualifications Have a passion for Jesus and unreached people. Mature Christian with good Biblical knowledge. Cross-cultural training.

They gather in these places to worship, fellowship, disciple, evangelize and do ministry just as a traditional churches. To help these churches get started you can provide them with a "House Church Starter Kit".

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The kit includes two six foot tables, 24 folding chairs, two 10 x10 foot canopies and a small sound system. All of these items can be ordered through Wal-Mart, which will deliver the items free of charge to a Wal-Mart in the area where the House Church is located. Contact Texas Baptists to start a House Church by calling or visiting texasbaptists. BOUNCE is a pre-packaged mission experience that provides students the opportunity to impact disaster-affected areas by being the hands and feet of Christ. This new student ministry platform offers students the opportunity to assist communities in their efforts to BOUNCE back from devastation after a disaster has struck.

In addition to disaster recovery projects, a BOUNCE mission features times of worship and reflection designed to help participants encounter and respond to God. Many churches on the border are capable of organizing their own VBS but they do not have the funds to buy the VBS material. There are two ways you can help. You can donate your old VBS Material. Once you use your VBS material you can collect and donate it to a border church or to a local church in your area. You can provide the church with a VBS Kit. The kit will contain new VBS and craft material for 75 children.

For information on churches you can partner with contact the River Ministry office at Texas Baptists by calling or visiting texasbaptists. Looking for meaningful ways to be more involved in hands-on missions? Here are a few ways you can easily get plugged in and make a difference.

Visit wmu. For more information on all these initiatives, as well as others, contact the WMU office at Texas Baptists by calling or visiting website. Truck drivers are a huge part of what is happening in the oil field, out ministering to them can be difficult since they are always on the move. One way to minister is to take cookies and chips into trucking companies, leave them there for the drivers, and put a card with your church contact information on it.

If you have an outreach event coming up then make sure that information is on the card.

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Check with your local health department and the trucking company on the proper way to bring this food. Think through the various trucking companies in your community, even if you do not consider yourself in the oil field, it is possible that you have a trucking company near you. Write them below.

Mission Field: USA — Urban Mission // Rural Mission

Many times, Oil Field workers bring their families into the oil field. These families are away from home and in many cases they have left friends and relatives behind. We have a great opportunity to minister to them. Provide transportation to an evening event at your church for oil field families to enteract with one another and church members. Also have games and open up the gym or play area if your church has one. They are miles from home, but show them they are not alone.

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  • Mission Field: USA — Urban Mission // Rural Mission - KFUO Radio;

What would be a few simple things your church could do? Remember, it does not have to be complicated. Putting Bibles out in the motels and laundry mats where oil field workers frequent with contact information for a person in your church who can be a listening ear can be a great way to do ministry. There are several stories from the oil field of people being saved by this very method. The oil field Bible is available at www.

Everybody loves food! Man camps are all over oil field towns and a great way to minister to the people there is to have a simple cook out. Gathering together with food is a great way to form relationships and meet a practical need. The relationships built may lead to small groups and Bible studies forming at the man camps. A way to prepare your volunteers is to host Community Missionary training in your church. Check with your local health department about the proper procedure for bringing food to these parks or man camps. The Cooperative Program, or CP, really isn't a program at all.

At its core, it is a cooperative way of financially supporting missions both locally and globally. It is a way of combining resources to enable more missions, evangelism and ministry to those in need and those who have yet to hear the gospel. Working through a missions co-op allows people to pool their resources and talents to feed more hungry people, start more churches, fund more missionaries, reach more people in prisons, clothe more needy and share the hope of Christ with more people who so desperately need to hear it.

For more information, contact the Texas Baptists Treasurer's office by calling or visiting texasbaptists. Through an endowment for Texas Baptists, a gift you give today can provide income for future missions work.

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An endowment can even be left in your estate. In fact, the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation has ways that a gift will provide for missions in the future and also provide assistance in estate planning. For more information contact the Texas Baptists Missions Foundation by calling or visiting texasbaptists. Today, take time to pray about an area in Kingdom work that you feel passionate about.

Journal about it and when you are ready, contact the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation to discuss establishing an endowment for missions. The Pepe Program Programa de Educaion Pre Escolar is committed to providing preschool education to children between the ages of 4 and 6. Most of these children live in poor communities and with limited access to education.

The purpose of the program. For many families, this is their introduction to the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. For additional information on how you can do this contact the Missions Team at Texas Baptists by calling or visiting texasbaptists. More than 1.

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  6. As the winter months approach, many refugees don't have the resources they need to survive. Most of them have little money and no place to live. Lebanese Baptists are working to winterize an office space with beds, blankets, heaters, and other necessities. Texas Baptists have an opportunity to help through a partnership with Lebanese Baptists. For additional information on how you can help, contact Texas Partnerships at Texas Baptists by calling or visiting texasbaptists. One way they do this is the Mary Hill Davis offering—an offering designed to advance missionary efforts to help people come to know Christ.

    Many people struggle to meet their basic needs all year long.

    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field
    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field
    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field
    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field
    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field
    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field
    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field
    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field
    Urban Mission Field Urban Mission Field

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