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2. New Birth

Jesus had the power to perform miracles: He made sick people well, raised the dead, controlled storms and turned water to wine. Consequently, a few pages forward in the Bible, we see this promise kept. Filled with this power, the rag-tag band of Christ followers spoke in other languages, healed the sick, raised the dead and began to take the message of Jesus to the world.

They were driven to love each other from the heart; they knew the secret of how to be content in any and every situation Philippians Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Here In Your Presence - Holy Spirit - Deep Prayer Music - Worship Music - Time Alone With God

Second, they have the Holy Spirit The Bible teaches that while the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, He prefers to dwell inside people. If the Holy Spirit is living inside of you, and connecting directly with your thoughts and emotions, can you feel His presence? Many people who invite God into their minds report a deep sense of peace and rest.

Receive the Holy Spirit. Personally, I have experienced episodes of what I can only describe as the Holy Spirit brooding over me. Just a few months ago I was driving alone, and praying my way through a particularly difficult ordeal, when I gradually became conscious of a heaviness above me.

I felt pins and needles over my head and shoulders and had a strange, but not unpleasant, sensation of inhaling. This experience was so strong that I thought it best to pull over to the side of the road. After a minute or two, the sensations faded and I was left with a sense of comfort. God was with me. Give me courage to speak boldly for you. I pray that you will confirm the message of your grace with miraculous signs and wonders. Why in the world would you not want to spend time with God?

We spend hours on social media, watching TV or on the telephone.

The truth is this: The devil fights us more in the area of our spending time with God than he does in any other area of our Christian lives. In fact, Satan would much prefer that we get involved in all kinds of religious activity rather than spend time with the Lord. This passage helps us to understand how amazing it is to spend time in the presence of God — the extraordinary privilege that is available to you as a follower of Jesus.

This Old Testament passage — about the building of the physical temple in Jerusalem a place for God to dwell forever, — takes on a whole new meaning when you read it in the light of the New Testament. In particular, the ark of the covenant represented the presence of the Lord. When you, the people of God , live under the word of God , you discover the Spirit of God increasing your experience of the presence of God. This is what we so often experience when we pray that prayer.

Although God is present everywhere, we do not always sense his presence. Surely, what is being described here is a greatly increased sense of the presence of God. Lord, how can we praise you enough for the way that you have fulfilled your promise in us? Praise you Lord that, as your glory filled the temple of Solomon, so now your glory fills your people.


Take the Holy Spirit as Your Guide

Thank you that all your promises are fulfilled in us 2 Corinthians Being filled with the Holy Spirit, however, is not a once-and-for-all experience. There are many fillings, as is made clear in Ephesians In the Greek language in which this command was originally written, the meaning is clearer than that in most English translations. This command of God means to be constantly and continually filled, controlled and empowered with the Holy Spirit as a way of life.

I cannot control myself and be controlled by the Holy Spirit at the same time. Christ cannot be in control if I am on the throne. So I must abdicate. This involves faith. As an expression of my will, in prayer, I surrender the throne of my life to Him, and by faith I draw upon His resources to live a holy and fruitful life. The command of Ephesians is given to all believers to be filled, directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit, continually, every day of our lives.

And the promise of 1 John , 15 is made to all believers that, when we pray according to God's will, He hears and answers us. If you claim the fullness of God's Spirit in prayer, He will hear and answer you. He will fill you. And in the process, you will "inhale" spiritually.

The Holy Spirit was present during Jesus’ life on earth.

Do not think that you have to have an emotional experience or that something dramatic must happen to you. How did you receive Christ? Was it because of some great emotional pressure brought to bear upon you? Your emotions may have been involved. But ultimately, you became a Christian, not because of your emotional experience, but because of your faith.

3 Ways to Improve Your Ability to Hear the Holy Spirit

For the Bible says, "It is by grace you have been saved, through faith. The Holy Spirit is not given to you that you might have a great emotional experience, but that you might live a holy life and be a fruitful witness for Christ. So, whether or not you have an emotional experience is not the issue. There is no place in Scripture where you are told to pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit. You are filled by faith. However, since the object of your faith is God and His Word, I suggest that you pray to Him claiming the fullness of His Spirit as an expression of your faith in God's command and in His promise.

Have you met God's conditions? Do you hunger and thirst after righteousness? Do you sincerely desire to be controlled and empowered by the Holy Spirit? If so, I invite you to bow your head and pray this prayer of faith right now. Expect God to fill you. Without begging or pleading, just say:. I hunger and thirst for a more vital relationship with You. I admit that I have been in control of my life. As a result, I have sinned against You. I now confess and turn from my sins and surrender the control of my life to the Lord Jesus. You promised to fill me if I ask according to Your will.

I pray this in the authority of the name of Jesus Christ. Now, if you sincerely prayed that prayer, you are filled with the Holy Spirit.

1. The Holy Spirit is your Helper.

You will begin to experience a greater love for God. You will want to spend time with Him in studying His Word and in prayer. You will want to trust and obey God and His Word.

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You will want to share your love for Christ with others who do not know Him. Bill Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Practical Ways We Shut Out the Holy Spirit Each Day - Bible Knowledge

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Time With The Holy Spirit Time With The Holy Spirit
Time With The Holy Spirit Time With The Holy Spirit
Time With The Holy Spirit Time With The Holy Spirit
Time With The Holy Spirit Time With The Holy Spirit
Time With The Holy Spirit Time With The Holy Spirit
Time With The Holy Spirit Time With The Holy Spirit
Time With The Holy Spirit Time With The Holy Spirit

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