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Florida Pier Fishing 101

Poems Find and share the perfect poems. The End of the Pier. I was slick with old birth or early longing, already halfway between who I wanted to be and who I was. Our floors were made of flame but there was no wind so we were as safe as anyone. When spring came, I walked for a very long time up I, and at the end of the road, I found a boy who placed earphones onto my head and pumped opera into my body. I can feel it still. Underneath that treeless sky, I was as changed as I would ever be. Not even mother noticed.

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Nicole Callihan Burrow My mother says the sound haunted her. Filling Station Oh, but it is dirty! Be careful with that match! Father wears a dirty, oil-soaked monkey suit that cuts him under the arms, and several quick and saucy and greasy sons assist him it's a family filling station , all quite thoroughly dirty. Do they live in the station?

Re-visiting The Santa Monica Pier

It has a cement porch behind the pumps, and on it a set of crushed and grease- impregnated wickerwork; on the wicker sofa a dirty dog, quite comfy. Some comic books provide the only note of color— of certain color.

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They lie upon a big dim doily draping a taboret part of the set , beside a big hirsute begonia. Why the extraneous plant? Why the taboret? Why, oh why, the doily? Embroidered in daisy stitch with marguerites, I think, and heavy with gray crochet. Somebody embroidered the doily. Somebody waters the plant, or oils it, maybe. Somebody loves us all.

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Find Poets. Read Stanza. Jobs for Poets. The anglers seeking king mackerel have the most exotic setups. They use one big rod and reel to send a heavy sinker with prongs as far out into the ocean as possible.

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When the sinker hooks up with the sandy bottom, they tighten the line and put the rod in a rod holder. Then they use a second rod and reel to send a live bait dangling from the first line just until the bait is right at the surface. But fishing for kings is a specialty sport. The average pier fisherman using simple equipment and dead bait, like shrimp, will most likely connect with whiting and croaker. While hardly fighters of any repute, they make great table fare.

But be careful, because interspersed with the dinner fish will be the occasional catfish, whose spines can inflict a nasty injury I know this from experience after getting a dorsal fin deep into my foot.

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Florida pier fishing is mostly a matter of stationing yourself in the path of fish swimming parallel to shore just beyond the breaking waves and waiting for them to find your bait or lure. That can mean black drum, redfish, sea trout, bluefish and Spanish mackerel smaller cousins of the king mackerel , all of which can range from a few pounds up to 35 or 40 pounds.

Most piers will have big circular nets on a stout rope to help lift a big fish the 20 or so feet from the water to the pier deck. Again, if you hook something big, get help from the veterans. They know the drill. Lots of bridges spanning salt water inlets or waterways offer fishing opportunities.

Stay in the pedestrian areas and keep a close eye on the kids. Along the Intracoastal Waterway, a lot of older lower draw bridges are being replaced by foot high bridges to allow unimpeded boat traffic. Sections of the old bridges are often left in place and turned into fishing piers. The old Sunshine Skyway bridge that spanned the entrance to Tampa Bay has been converted into two of the longest fishing piers in the world.

Surf fishing is a variant of pier fishing. And some shoreline will be much more productive than other areas.

Does it cost money to get on the pier?

Fishing near jetties or inlets can be good, but what you really want is to find a stretch of beach protected by an offshore sandbar. Those sandbars have occasional openings to the ocean through which tidal currents—and lots of fish—flow back and forth. You want to position your bait right in the middle or on either side of those breaks.

It takes a little experience to learn to read the water and the pattern of breaking waves to find the right spot. Anytime is a good time for fishing, but Florida is host to a lot of migratory fish, including enormous schools of mullet, a prime baitfish. If you can pick your time, some of the best surf and pier fishing in Florida is during the fall and spring mullet run when game fish chase the schools of mullet along the beach.

Invest in a dock cart if you're going pier fishing. It will make it easier to haul all of your things.

The pier you back The pier you back
The pier you back The pier you back
The pier you back The pier you back
The pier you back The pier you back
The pier you back The pier you back
The pier you back The pier you back

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