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Reece Mike Wilson Andy Sidney S. Moses Elizabeth McDonald Fiona Buddy Sosthand Bouncer Jennifer Hughes Linda Sno E. Bunny Michelle Lee Cop as Michelle C. Lee Henry Mu Club Promoter Christopher Tranchina Detective Masaaki Endo Guard 2 Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom Guard 3 Thomas Braxton Jr. Card Player Dan Marshall Personally I feel they should drop both titles 'Strippers and Bartenders' because it's all the same sh- now! A visitor to New York who blogs on the business under the name of Urban, described her surprise upon entering two of New York's best-known clubs, Aces now shut down for various violations and Starlets.

I found this really weird considering the dancers were pretty much inaccessible unless they came up to you personally for a lap dance. What blew my mind though is pretty much all night rather than serving drinks, the "bartenders" were shaking their asses to have the dudes sitting around throw money on them.

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During a radio interview, former New York stripper turned best selling hip-hop star Cardi B. Even if its a bad- stripper, like the baddest of the baddest, people still wanna throw money at the bar tender because it's just like the trend. As BET put it, "strippers are calling out the bottle girls for literally swiping the money that does get tossed on stage.

Bartenders, fully dressed, were certified and poured customers drinks. The dancers were the money makers and rarely moved around to different clubs. The shift began about five years ago, which is when the Instagram "models" with large social media followings calling themselves "startenders" started to be hired in the urban clubs primarily in Queens and Brooklyn.

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Club promoters stopped seeking out the best mixologists and started hiring from Instagram, based on a particular kind of look and followings. Bartenders started to resemble the strippers except they reaped a lot more benefits. Strippers have always paid a "house fee" to the club. Bartenders don't pay house fees.

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Since this new type of bartender has entered the industry there's been a "drastic difference in dancers' wages," said Panama. Dancers rarely stay in one club anymore. Many travel to Connecticut, Atlanta and Miami where the money is better. A dancer named Gizelle Marie is one of the strike organizers. They block us from the customers while we dance or they are sweeping our money off the stage while we dance," she told The Post.

Several videos taken from inside different clubs posted on Instagram appear to support her claim. Gizelle Marie says most customers can't tell bartenders apart from strippers anymore because they all basically dress the same and "the club promoters and owners encourage the behavior. It made me think to myself that a lot of the great dancers aren't dancing in New York anymore.

The Bad Girls Club S03 E04 The Naked Truth

They moved away to other cities to work or they just completely stopped," Gizelle said. Within a couple days, she posted the word out on Instagram and 30 strippers gathered last week at Poletic Justice in the Bronx for a meeting.

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Panama said, "The dancers used to be the most respected in the club and now it's like the dancers are at the bottom of the barrel. And the dark-skinned dancers are all the way at the bottom of the barrel. Labor disputes in these clubs face a number of obstacles, the main one being that everyone who works in them is an independent contractor. There's no labor law to cover them.

And there are risks for the women. Before the strike, Gizelle Marie said she danced in the clubs almost daily, but since organizing the movement she's been blacklisted.

Poleaxed: The Naked Truth About an Israeli Strip Joint

In the past, the dancers have mostly been silent about their issues out of fear, she said. A lot of these women have other careers, are parents, are putting themselves through school so that fear factor absolutely played a part in it.

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They want their house fees reduced. They want bartenders to pay house fees, too. The black dancers want the opportunity to be hired as bartenders. And they want the bartenders to stop stealing their money. They wish as well that management would stop pitting the strippers and bartenders against each other.

The dancers believe everyone can work together harmoniously if rules are established. Club promoters are not sympathetic to the strippers' demands. Sean Simmons, promotional director for Aces New York, said the strike is "nonsense. As Panama said, "No matter how people may perceive your work environment, a work environment is a work environment and everyone needs to be respected and treated equally.

The Naked Ladies Club The Naked Ladies Club
The Naked Ladies Club The Naked Ladies Club
The Naked Ladies Club The Naked Ladies Club
The Naked Ladies Club The Naked Ladies Club
The Naked Ladies Club The Naked Ladies Club
The Naked Ladies Club The Naked Ladies Club

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