The First Ghost Town

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1. Pripyat, Ukraine

The famous spot does draw in plenty of visitors who want to see where the modern prison system originated, so it has also seen a surge in visitors since its days as a prison. Destroyed village of Oradour sur Glane left as permanent reminder of war atrocity committed there in June , France.

The third-highest ranked on the list — and one of the more budget-friendly destinations — is the town of Oradour-Sur Glane in France. The village was the site of one of the worst atrocities of the Second World War, when Nazi soldiers entered the town and massacred people, including children.

Step Back in Time at Montana's Ghost Towns

The village was left untouched, and is now home to the Centre de La Memoire. While the town had less than residents, it now attracts more than , people each year who come to learn about the horrible war crimes committed there. Dorm of a preschool in Pripyat ghost town, Chernobyl, Ukraine. Abandoned in after a nuclear disaster in Chernobyl power plant.

Ghost town

Abandoned building filled with sand in derelict diamond mining ghost town of Kolmanskop, Namibia. Find out more here. Alex Butler. Travellers are flocking to these ghost towns and abandoned places.

Nelson Ghost Town, Nevada

Even on the degree Thursday morning I stopped by, a steady stream of visitors drove up the rocky path eager to see what the old ghost town would offer them. Maybe the notoriously haunted brothel would leave an imprint, or the assay building with its gold vault and secret hideaway, or the old hanging tree where 18 men once met a bitter death for stealing gold ore.

Vulture City is open to the public every day.

You’ll Soon Be Able to Stay in This Historic California Ghost Town

Visit in the summer from 9 a. Two-hour guided tours are offered on weekends at 10 a. Paranormal tours are also available, and the property can be booked for weddings and corporate events. Wendy Rose Gould is a freelance lifestyle reporter based in Phoenix, Arizona by way of the Indiana countryside. She regularly writes on topics ranging from health and wellness to travel to weddings. Aug 22nd Road Culture. In Vulture City—a once-forgotten ghost town—haunted brothels and secret hideaways are being brought back to life Nearly bulldozed by investors, the Arizona mining town's current owners are bringing it back to the gold-happy days of the Old West.

Virginia City, Montana

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard Email. Completely ghosted The first time I visited Vulture City—tucked under the Vulture Mountains just south of Wickenburg—was in , shortly after relocating to the state from Indiana. Vulture City in , pre-restoration.

Photos: Wendy Rose Gould The assay office—which sits as a central fixture in the town and would have housed the team responsible for carefully sorting and analyzing the precious metals—was so dilapidated it felt like a hazard to even peek inside. Bulldozing history was not an option, so an unconventional deal was cut.

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The assay office has been lovingly restored. Old reference photos are used in the restoration to keep it as historically correct as possible. Both the interior and exterior of buildings are being revamped.

Photo: Wendy Rose Gould. View of the cookhouse from the assay office. Meet the Author. Wendy Rose Gould. Related Articles.

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The First Ghost Town The First Ghost Town
The First Ghost Town The First Ghost Town
The First Ghost Town The First Ghost Town
The First Ghost Town The First Ghost Town
The First Ghost Town The First Ghost Town
The First Ghost Town The First Ghost Town
The First Ghost Town The First Ghost Town

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