Sales Is Not Rocket Science

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We can determine what the goal is of that sales organization; no longer to just close, but to make customers successful. So with this new destination, who are the astronauts and rocket scientists?

The new destination for sales is to make the customer successful. Hang on, that would make sales — rocket science! Once we treat sales like rocket science, more SaaS companies will become successful. I hope you found this post and its insights valuable. Yes that is a rocket on the cover of the book. This is not an e-book or a stack of blogposts put together. Up and to the right. Featured In.

What We Can Learn From Rocket Science About Closing The Sales-Marketing Loop

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Kerbal Space Program - It's Not Rocket Science

Sales Management. Sales Operations. Sales Process. Sales Psychology. Sales Technology. What if Sales Is Rocket Science? What Would Happen if… What would happen if we treat sales as rocket science, would we have vetted processes? Due to all the branches it took more time to test code vs write code.

What was needed was a single code branch all clients could share in an open infrastructure. The cloud as a technology was born, and in the years to come would grow to satisfy the needs of small companies all sitting on a single code base.

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SaaS 2. The RoI of a perpetual model vs. SaaS companies powered by automated marketing campaigns and inside sales organizations had a field day, as they were reaping the rewards with a very simple RoI. SaaS 3.

What if sales is rocket science? - Winning by Design

The automated marketing campaigns are like tired oil pumps, and not providing the thousands of leads anymore. Try to stand out at Dreamforce! The new Business Model — Anything as a Service. Chris Badgett: You yourself are an expert. You offer services. Like you said, I know the product really well, so I just answer questions and ask questions to make sure that the features are there they need or whatever.

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I do tons of live calls. My team does live calls. I would put my own … my cellphone number on my website. What are you doing? I love that you asked that question and invite the reply. To your question …. Chris Badgett: Just a small rabbit hole. I like to give credit where credit is due. He probably stole it from somebody else.

Take some notes. What happens on that call? What service provider are you using? I just want to understand. I want to hear you. How does that sound to you? Maybe what I think we can do next is let me put a proposal together. We really dive deep. Can you help us? I challenged their sales team. Meaning, do you want to help diagnose and then prescribe, or do you just want to hand out the thing to do?

We understand the problem together. Chris Bintliff: 30 minutes. Yeah, the consultation. Chris Badgett: I want to ask you. One of our five hats is just being an expert. Do-it-yourself training courses is a great … that costs money is a great place to send those leads. Tell us about your journey there with expert, services, service plus training. I like that model. Chris Bintliff: The advantages to having a complimentary suite are many, and so part of it is … Yes. I have a lot of clients where they already have a digital somebody, or a web somebody, or a marketing somebody, but that person is maybe not comfortable with this discipline or that.

Go take it.

Professional B2B Sales is not Rocket Science, but Rather Relations Between People

Some people are great products and some people are great services. He is clearly putting time and thought into this. Chris Badgett: I always try to challenge assumptions not for the sake of challenging assumptions. I actually do both. I do and I teach. Chris Bintliff: Well, I guess my most productive is my iMac Pro, which is my daily driver, my big machine that I use every day, but I love my iPad too. I do a lot of writing on my iPad and stuff like that. Chris Badgett: What kind of video are we on right now? Is this through the laptop, or is this a special camera? Dive in here. Take a break. Chris Bintliff: Of course, my friend. Of course, there is. Chris Badgett: That is awesome.

Well, Chris, thank you so much for coming on the show. His agency is at notreallyrocketscience. I love the brand. Before you go, can you just tell us how you ended up with this very memorable good branding? Chris Bintliff: You and I were in Cabo together, and Chris Lema was there, and he even said it during an all-time group because I hear it all the time. I think marketing, digital marketing, and especially, digital marketers are very proud of how clever we are, and we use these complex words like lead magnet.

Chris Bintliff: Technobabble, and influencer, and inbound marketing. We just break it down into some manageable things. I love what I do, and that represents it a little bit. Chris Badgett: Awesome.

Sales Is Not Rocket Science Sales Is Not Rocket Science
Sales Is Not Rocket Science Sales Is Not Rocket Science
Sales Is Not Rocket Science Sales Is Not Rocket Science
Sales Is Not Rocket Science Sales Is Not Rocket Science
Sales Is Not Rocket Science Sales Is Not Rocket Science
Sales Is Not Rocket Science Sales Is Not Rocket Science
Sales Is Not Rocket Science Sales Is Not Rocket Science

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