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We worry about how to lead a good life whenever we worry about what to eat, how to love, or just how to be happy. There's no more elusive goal. Stoicism is the best way to achieve it, the ancient philosophy that inspired the great emperor Marcus Aurelius.

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Stoicism is a pragmatic philosophy that focuses our attention on what's possible and gives us insight into what's unimportant. Finances are tricky, and working on them in a marriage or in a strong relationship can seem almost impossible. How many times have you and your spouse blown up at each other because someone liked to spend while the other wanted to save?

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Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed. The hump factor The third hurdle to creating passive income with an info product is the hump factor. The good news and not-so-good news is that creating a product is a creative process. The product is stopped before it starts. In fact, when you can see them clearly, you may find that getting over or around them is pretty easy. And to make sure of that, here are three keys to jumping the hurdles so you can create info products that delight your clients and bring in income.

When you are clear about what you are going to create and how it serves both your clients and your biz, the first hurdle tends to dissolve. The very fact that it turns you off proves this. To be clear about how your product is not sleazy, you need: 1.

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A simple statement of what your product will do for your clients. A simple summary of what the product will do for your biz. For example, a graphic artist might write down the following for an info product about about do-it-yourself business card design. Will do for my biz: Give new clients a way to make a small investment to get to know me. Show clients the limits of do-it-yourself design without pressuring them to hire me.

Bring in passive income as it attracts new clients. With these two things in mind, the graphic artist can jump the sleaze hurdle gracefully. The second key: Understand how packaging helps clients No doubt about it, packaging is super important for selling your info product.

Done correctly, packaging makes your product more useful and increases the likelihood that your clients will actually use it. Packaging makes products more useful. A well-designed product is easier to use. Good packaging which includes how the product is organized as well as how the outer package looks makes the most important points stand out from the rest. It makes it easier to find specific bits of information.

Packaging makes it more likely your clients will use your info product. A stand-out cover and attractive insides make your product more memorable and thus more likely to get used. When it comes to info products, one of the most misunderstood parts of the creative process is gestation. Gestation is the phase where an idea goes underground.

During gestation, your idea is less clear, even invisible. To get over the gestation hump, record your idea so you can keep track of its growth. You can do this You can create info products that serve your clients and bring you passive income. We did a teleclass on it and I even wrote an ebook about it for the Shaboom County Library.

Right now Shaboom County is closed to new members. But in a few weeks this online community will be open to new members for just one week. In other words, stay tuned. Yummy Molly! This is such great information. Thanks again! Looking forward to continuing conex! This is a terrific post, Molly. And why am I not surprised? Thank you!

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Reading your take on all this was a real shot in the arm. So, again, thank you. Did you record the teleclass, and is it for sale?

permaretibsemp.tk What a delight! Bobbye—Thank you.

Quickie guide to passive income online Quickie guide to passive income online
Quickie guide to passive income online Quickie guide to passive income online
Quickie guide to passive income online Quickie guide to passive income online
Quickie guide to passive income online Quickie guide to passive income online
Quickie guide to passive income online Quickie guide to passive income online
Quickie guide to passive income online Quickie guide to passive income online
Quickie guide to passive income online Quickie guide to passive income online

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