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How it works. Team fundraiser. Brian has always been a healthy, physically fit young man who works hard for his family, and provides for many. With no signs of sickness, Kristian and Brian dreamed of their upcoming wedding, and their little girl, Brooklyn, who is due in January, But these dreams are now put aside as Brian is in the fight of his life.

Doctors located a mass the size of a golf ball inside of Brians brain, and he is scheduled for brain surgery Friday, Sept 20, A biopsy will shed some light on what exactly we are facing. One week has completely changed their lives. Bestselling author Franklin White creates a topsy-turvy world of passion, betrayal, and turbulent emotions, where the characters must do all they can just to keep from drowning in a sea of uncertain loyalties and loves.

Lala Paige is floating along in life with a great job, wonderful friends, and Keith, the man who stays by her side all day and night.

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  • Joy & Pain (Feat. Tyga).

But when she decides it's time to start thinking seriously about a family, all her well-laid plans come crashing down. Keith decides he can't remain totally committed to their relationship, and Lala won't accept anything less.

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As she struggles to make sense of her unraveling life, Lala must choose whom to turn to, and where her heart truly belongs. But what will she do when she discovers the real reason Keith's skipping out?

Franklin is a graduate of Central State University and resides in Atlanta. Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox.

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Tweens and teens? Both joy and pain are vulnerable experiences to feel on our own, even more so with strangers. The foundation of courage is vulnerability—the ability to navigate uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. It takes courage to open ourselves up to joy.

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Pain is also a vulnerable emotion. It takes real courage to allow ourselves to feel pain. Rather than sitting with our hurt, we discharge our feelings by lashing out in anger or blaming others for our big suffering or our everyday hassles.

So, to seek out moments of collective joy and to show up for moments of collective pain, we have to be brave. That means we have to be vulnerable. We have to show up and put ourselves out there. When the singing starts and the dancing is under way, at the very least we need to tap our toes and hum along.

Joy & pain: chasing the bright spots

When the tears fall and the hard story is shared, we have to show up and stay with the pain. Why I intentionally go to a church where I can break bread, pass the peace, and sing with people who believe differently than I do. Why I cried the first time I took my kids to see U2 in concert and why they both reached out and held my hand during my favorite songs.

You take part. Every song. Collective assembly meets the primal human yearnings for shared social experiences. A collective assembly can start to heal the wounds of a traumatized community. When we come together to share authentic joy, hope, and pain, we melt the pervasive cynicism that often cloaks our better human nature. Become a subscribing member today.

Scroll To Top Today, our culture is in crisis. How will we find our way back to each other? About the Author. By Kira M. Newman November 5,

Joy & Pain Joy & Pain
Joy & Pain Joy & Pain
Joy & Pain Joy & Pain
Joy & Pain Joy & Pain
Joy & Pain Joy & Pain
Joy & Pain Joy & Pain
Joy & Pain Joy & Pain
Joy & Pain Joy & Pain

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