Haiku for Awuku

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Approximately, the judging team was able to see what I saw, felt what I felt upon this encounter and selected my haiku as one of the best.

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This is a nature poem which one can easily be mistaken for the work of classical poets like Frost, Yeats, Blake and others and not by an African. Adjei Adjei-Baah: There are seas of poets who have inspired me from home and abroad. I have always admired him for his flair over rich traditional African poetry.

He pressed on me to write to reflect my background as an African. Besides, I adore Nana Ofosu Agyemeng, co-founder of Poetry Foundation Ghana, and a good poet in his own class who composes with eclat and great panache.


I see him as the good shepherd who brought me home when I was straying from poetry, due to its slow pace of paying back. He has always assured me that poetry will take me to places and hence needed to keep on writing. This he has often seen in his dream. Of the oldies in my land, I have strong bonds to the works of Dr.

But on the international front, I have longed for Langston and feared Shakespeare. Geosi Gyasi: Do you mind commenting on the state of Ghanaian poetry in recent times?

Adjei Adjei-Baah: I will say Ghanaian poetry is making great strides. There has been influx of young budding poets on various social media whose flair cannot be underestimated. The matured even in the reluctance of publishers to publish their work, have taken the challenge to self-publish their own works or sought for publishers outside home. I see the focus now is not on the monetary gain but the zeal to market Ghana through poetry instead of leaving other literary giants like Nigeria, Kenya etc. And without my crystal ball, I can foresee a sample of collections and anthologies coming out next years.

Interview with Ghanaian Poet, Adjei Adjei-Baah

I hope the poets get the best of support and collaboration from publishers. Adjei Adjei-Baah: I write anytime, at any place, even in the loo depending on when and where the muse visits. Like a mad man, I have composed while walking. I remember often parking my car by the roadside to write down ideas that jump into mind before they evaporate out of memory. But I think I write my best out of irritation rather than in love.


Adjei Adjei-Baah: Hahaha! I know they approve my works but not the long period I spend behind the computer.

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I think the problem is that, I deny them company a lot due to my reading and writing lifestyle. But apart from that they take their share of the glory when the good news come. I remember we all celebrated together on the day that BBC called and showed interest to use my poem For The Mountains for the Commonwealth Games, postcard project. Adjei Adjei-Baah: Many times, especially with haiku submissions. At first I became peeved and red eyed, taking it personal but upon persistence and commitment they unlock their doors for me to enter.

I think at time, what editors want is maturity and quality work and hence will push writers to the limit to extract the real gold in them. Adjei Adjei-Baah: Not always but sometimes. I have selectively shown it to people who matters most, those who either inspired the work or have special knowledge about the theme being explored. Adjei Adjei-Baah: Yeah, I have often read poetry to my students and sometimes privately to my wife.

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Haiku for Awuku Haiku for Awuku
Haiku for Awuku Haiku for Awuku
Haiku for Awuku Haiku for Awuku
Haiku for Awuku Haiku for Awuku
Haiku for Awuku Haiku for Awuku
Haiku for Awuku Haiku for Awuku

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