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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. All That Follows by Jim Crace. British jazzman Leonard Lessing spent a memorable yet unsuccessful few days in Austin, Texas, trying to seduce a woman he fancied. During his stay, he became caught up in her messy life, which included a new lover, a charismatic but carelessly violent man named Maxie.

Leonard must decide whether to sit silently by as the standoff unfolds or find the courage to go to the crime scene where he could potentially save lives. The lives of two mothers and two daughters—all strikingly independent and spirited—hang in the balance.

Jim Crace reading from his novel "All That Follows" (2010)

Set in Texas and the suburbs of England, All That Follows is a novel in which tender, unheroic moments triumph over the more strident and aggressive facets of our age. It also provides moving and surprising insights into the conflict between our private and public lives and redefines heroism in this new century.

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Published April 20th by Nan A. Talese first published January 1st More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews.

An author and his nonsense.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about All That Follows , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 16, Alan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Only the bold The timorous are welcome to apply, too. Recommended to Alan by: Previously-read work, and a trawl of the shelves. He's currently residing in England, with his wife Francine.

As All That Follows opens, Lennie is almost fifty years old, and while his life could be and has been a whole lot better, it could be worse, too. Sure, that shoulder pain won't go away; he hasn't ha Sure, that shoulder pain won't go away; he hasn't had his instrument case open in a month or two; Francine keeps waking up in the middle of the night thinking there's a phone call from their absent daughter Celandine At least, to start with. That happy situation doesn't last very long, though. Leon is trolling the web, as he is all too often wont to do these days, when he catches sight of someone he knows on the news Maxie Lermontov, an old acquaintance from his time in Austin, Texas.

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Hasn't heard from Maxie in years. But now Maxie's just down the road and he's involved in All That Follows is actually science fiction, of a sort—it's set in the future, anyway, by a decade or two—but it doesn't seem to need to be. Nothing happens in the novel that couldn't have happened now, or even earlier, and the central themes—of love and husbandry, how one treats one's wife and daughter, how one reacts to a challenge to an existence that's been too comfortable for too long—are timeless.

Jim Crace absolutely nails it where it counts, though. I'm at the half-century mark myself, like Leonard Lessing, with my own aches and pains both physical and metaphysical, and there are many uncomfortable similarities between Leon and me. For example: when Lennie wants to give himself a treat, he heads for a bookshop —now, how could I not see a lot of myself in someone like that? Which makes it all the more discomforting to discover that Leonard's so All That Follows is an enormously satisfying book, all in all.

Crace manages to develop Leonard's character smoothly and realistically, while still surprising the reader at almost every turn with what happens to him—and how, eventually, Lennie exercises some agency of his own. Leon's steady life gets shaken up, no doubt about it Even if things don't work out for Leonard, though, this novel is definitely a good thing.

An interesting book juxtaposing jazz with fringe politics and family life, and plenty of insight into modern society. The future setting seems there largely to give the right distance between the two halves of the story - Crace's future Britain doesn't require any great imaginative leaps. Like everything I've read by Jim Crace, it is beautifully written too.

May 05, Tuck rated it liked it. May 23, Felicity rated it liked it. This probably deserves 3. Nonetheless, I think I preferred "Pesthouse" to this novel, although it's like comparing apples to oranges. They are very different books What I did find particularly intriguing about this book was Crace's ability to write about present events what's happening now in our lives as past events.

The book is set in some future time, eerily similar to our own, This probably deserves 3. The book is set in some future time, eerily similar to our own, yet also strangely different. At the novel's centre is the jazz saxophonist Leonard Lessing The plot itself unfolds slowly, but it is once again a hallmark of Crace's genius that he can convey a mother's grief at the loss of her child so exquisitely that even those of us without children can feel her anguish.

Jan 06, Conrad rated it liked it. Leonard Lessing, a jazz saxophonist, is something of a Walter Mitty character. He's not a man of courage but he likes to imagine that he could be. The story is set in England in the not too distant future where the surveillance state has progressed - not quite to Orwell's vision of - to the point when it is hard to fly under the radar.

Lessing's past draws him back in inexorably when he recognizes an all too familiar figure on the nightly news.

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He keeps dipping his toe in the murky w Leonard Lessing, a jazz saxophonist, is something of a Walter Mitty character. He keeps dipping his toe in the murky waters of a hostage situation until, finally, it draws him in. Ironically, he comes out on top. Jim Crace must be a saxophone player since he goes into great detail about the instrument and the emotion of playing it.

Jan 14, Scott Pomfret rated it it was ok. This was a disappointing work by an author I admire. Set in the U. In a future ten years distant but not radically different from our own time, we meet a 50 year old saxophone player who is brave only when in possession of his horn. When the order of the HTML source matches the visual order of the Web page, tabbing through the content follows the visual layout of the content.

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Everything That Follows

All the interactive elements in the applicant section receive focus before any of the elements in the spouse section. While that "cli-fi" tale pivoted around a life-threatening storm, however, Everything That Follows is mostly concerned with the internal weather of its three main characters. With Kat on that fateful boat trip are her friend Hunter, the dissolute scion of a Kennedy-like dynasty; and Kyle, a bartender she barely knows.

After Kyle makes unwanted advances toward her, he ends up overboard. But who gave him the decisive push? Uncertainty and fear keep Kat and Hunter from reporting the incident. When Kyle's body washes up on shore, their silence becomes a pact into which Kat draws her boyfriend, the upright Sean. Meanwhile, Hunter's family fixer offers Kat a fortune in hush money — but can she handle the guilt that would come with it? Everything That Follows is more character study than suspense novel.

All That Follows All That Follows
All That Follows All That Follows
All That Follows All That Follows
All That Follows All That Follows
All That Follows All That Follows
All That Follows All That Follows
All That Follows All That Follows

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